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The Occupation is growing…

I have a friend who lives in Cardiff, and the other day she was filming to make a documentary about the set up of Occupy Cardiff, the latest branch of the movement started by Occupy Wall Street. This only goes to show that they won’t be quieted any time soon. In fact, at the time of posting, there are 348 protests happening world-wide, with more starting every day (figures found at http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/oct/17/occupy-protests-world-list-map#data) and people from all walks of life are getting involved. Just the other day I read an article about war veterans getting involved in Occupy London outside St Pauls (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/nov/12/st-pauls-canon-occupy-protest). This is a sign that something greater than we realise is unfolding around the world. Whilst right now many may dismiss the protesters as ineffective and lazy, saying that they aren’t actually doing anything, it’s only a matter of time before it kicks off. Just what will happen is yet to be discovered, it could range from the forming of a new political party ‘of the people’ to another riot.


The protesters have now been served notice by the City of London Corporation. Camps have been cleared out in New York and other cities around America, but this is not stopping the movement. They are just growing stronger with these barriers. Today thousands of protesters stopped workers from entering Wall street and delayed the Stock Exchange bell, and back in the UK the Occupy London movement have vowed to resist legal action, holding a meeting outside St Pauls as we speak. The world is rising up against the 1%. I was tweeted earlier today by @filemot in regards to the protesters needing to work with the church. I agree that they should try to exist in harmony, but also that this is an issue outside of religion. No disrespect to her, or anyone who is religious, but a lot of people aren’t, and we should be looking at this issue from a world, point of view. I fully support peoples’ beliefs, but feel that they shouldn’t be pushed too much into this debate, as it’s an issue that affects EVERYONE, not just those who believe in a god. I am completely in support of the protesters, and believe that what they are doing is an inspiration we should all use. They’re not afraid to stand up to the governments and big corporations who are trying to oppress us, and we should all follow their example and speak out. Long live the occupation,

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