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Joining the IRG ( and my thoughts so far)

So about two weeks after completing the application/selection process to become a part of the 2012/13 Interdisciplinary Research Group (or IRG for short!) working on Digital Literacies in Higher Education, I found out that I had been chosen to join the team. IT was in the midst of a very busy summer so I didn’t get around to blogging about it, but now that I am back into my uni routine, it’s time for me to get serious about writing this blog! I have to write a blog post each week as part of my duties with the IRG, so what better place than here? I will tell you about what we’re all up to, how it relates to other students and why it is important, as well as raising any interesting questions which come out of my research.

The area which I am already interested in, and leaning a little towards in terms of my ‘specialism’ for the year so to speak, is that of organisation whilst studying. As I’ve mentioned before, Evernote is perhaps one of the best, and most useful online tools I have ever (no pun intended!)  come across. It lets you keep all of your notes, to-dos, links and ideas in one place, which you can synchronize across your phone, laptop, tablet, PC or just about any other web enabled device. You create a password so your information is protected, and Evernote don’t even charge for this service! (Though you can become a premium member, which I am planning to do when I get birthday money, as I want to support them) I would almost go as far as to say Evernote is the Filofax for the digital generations. And yes, I have a Filofax, which I love very much, but I use it in partnership with Evernote. I think that’s the key to moving forward in the digital age, and developing digital literacies. Implement technology into your life, but it doesn’t necessarily have to replace other forms of doing things, simply add to them. I use Twitter and Facebook, I email and text people. But I still get really excited when I receive something in the mail. This is, for me, the definition of the digitally literate, who realise the place and importance of paper based tools alongside all of the fancy websites, apps and programs. My pledge, and goal, for my year as a member of the IRG is that I will help students and staff alike to develop an appreciation for, and a knowledge of, digital tools and concerns. To get them excited and inspired by using digital resources, and to equip them with skills which are becoming invaluable in todays’ society.

Our first task is going to be a few questionnaires, one of which will be online, the other which we need to give people in person. Hopefully all of my friends will get involved, I shall post more details next week/when I know more!

Have a nice day