Rape is a four-letter word

Johnny Depp recently said in an interview for Esquire magazine that ‘being photographed is like being raped’. This sparked controversy the world over, with groups such as The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) speaking out to condemn his words. The comparison has been made before though, last year by Kristin Stewart. And whilst it is abhorrent to liken the two, is there some good to come of it in a knock-on effect? Rape has always been something to keep swept under the carpet, not telling people through fear or even shame. There are an average of 5000 rapes reported each year in the UK, but how many more are hidden? Talking about it will help not only the victims in moving on, but also other women who may be too scared to speak out. We need to get rid of the stigma that rape is somehow the woman’s ‘fault’. Women around the world are standing up for themselves and saying enough is enough. “Whatever we wear, and wherever we go, yes means yes, and no means no!” This is the chant of the ‘Slut Walks’ which have been taking place around the world, and the message is empowering to females everywhere. However, whilst this is something positive from the ‘new wave’ feminist movement, it is still inexcusable to compare being sexually assaulted to having your picture taken. These celebrities are just that, celebrities, it comes with the territory. Of course the paparazzi can behave like a pack of baited wolves, but A-listers step out of the door expecting it. No woman expects to be raped, and it is almost sick to suggest that having your photograph taken unwanted is akin to being physically violated. In future Mr Depp may want to think more carefully about his choice of words. As for Kristin Stewart, I hope she never has to experience the horror behind that particular statement for herself.

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