Dave’s history lessons

Imagine, if you will, a country like England, 20 years from now. Except this is nothing like the England we know. At the age of 12, each citizen is required to take a test, a test which decides if they get to stay in the country, or if they must be banished to a far away land full of poverty and war. On Monday, David Cameron announced plans to crack down on illegal immigrants in the UK. He urged people to ‘shop’ anyone they believed to be living in the country unlawfully, and also outlined plans to change our existing citizenship test, adding questions on topics such as The Magna Carta and Winston Churchill. Now I’m not stupid, but my knowledge of history is limited, and I wonder whether I would ‘pass’ and be allowed to live in this country if the test were extended to everyone. Of course this is (hopefully!) never going to happen, but you must debate the fairness of asking someone from another country to answer a series of questions about a land foreign to them, when a large percentage of the natives may not even be able to pass such a test. I personally am questioning the point in doing such tests; they would involve a lot of time, money and resources that really should be going elsewhere, just to weed out those who haven’t done their research before coming to the country, often fleeing war and destitution. If they are trying to filter the sort of people allowed into the country, surely a psychometric test would be more beneficial? I’d be happier knowing no so-called extremists or psychopaths were let into the country, rather than having a ban on those who are not very good at history. Whether or not these tests go ahead, I think maybe Dave needs to focus more on sorting out the country and less on chasing up history homework!

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