The girl behind the notebook

(weird style as had to do it for my journalism assignment!)

Jenny Mullinder is a second year creative writing student. Studying short story writing, culture, theory and narratives in poetry and drama, advanced poetry writing, and journalism and print production, she hopes to go into journalism, marketing and PR or events. At almost 20 years old, she is just starting to find her writing voice. Some of her favourite authors are; Cecilia Ahern, Jenny Downham, Sophie Kinsella, and Lauren Weisberger.  Jennys’ first year was quite a whirlwind, always full of some drama or other, but this year she is really focusing on her studies, and her part time job managing her University’s marketing and PR for Studentsxchange London, a company set up by an ex-Greenwich student to connect, inform and help students across London. She was involved with ‘The Crows Nest’ during her first year, and this year hopes to become part of Latitude radio. Jenny enjoys a variety of television programmes, from Doctor Who to Glee, and also likes romance, ‘chick-flick’ and comedy films such as ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘Zoolander’ and ‘500 Days of Summer’. Constantly plugged into her iPod, music is one of this young writers’ biggest passions and influences. Listening to anything from Ellie Goulding to Example, her tastes could be described as diverse, or simply random! Jenny subscribes to Cosmopolitan and Company magazines, and her secret dream is to one day work for them. Jenny recently moved into a house in Hither Green with her boyfriend and friends, and is in the process of decorating her room, so is always on the lookout for unusual or interesting furniture or pictures. Her boyfriend will not have much of a say in this.

The writer


About Jenny

I'm an adopted Londoner; tried to move away but it called me back. Writer, mental health advocate and food enthusiast. I try to love people and use things, but I love coffee and my desk/writing corner. I'm a member of the motherless daughters club (and fatherless but that's less relevant to my life) and have been blogging my journey through grief, and putting myself back together on the other side. Determined to live life with more purpose and passion. View all posts by Jenny

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